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 Is Judaism Rooted in Iceland?

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Is Judaism Rooted in Iceland? Empty
PostSubject: Is Judaism Rooted in Iceland?   Is Judaism Rooted in Iceland? Icon_minitimeFri Dec 28, 2007 9:46 pm

Is Judaism Rooted in Iceland?

Many foreign tourists who visit Iceland in December ask that question since a triangular decoration with seven candle-like lights can be spotted in almost every window, which is very similar to seven-arm candlesticks used in synagogues.

The decoration is however not related to Judaism, but has Swedish origins, 24 Stundir reports.

It was first imported to Iceland from Sweden by Icelandic businessman Gunnar Ásgeirsson in the early 1960s and became extremely popular.

People place the decorations in their windowsills at the beginning of December and let them shine throughout the Christmas season.

Iceland does, however, have a minuscule Jewish community.

Source:, 12/25/2007
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Is Judaism Rooted in Iceland?
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